The First Challenge : The Separation Of Powers

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“The First Challenge: The Separation of Powers.”

Summary: In Chapter 1, Hudson addresses the distorted views of democracy from modern-day Americans. He explains how separation of power within the government lessens the power of American citizens and ultimately alters the ideology behind a true democracy into what we have today.
In "American Democracy in Peril” Hudson 's central argument regarding chapter one Separation of Powers, is that our currant system of government is inefficient, unresponsive, and unaccountable. That separation of powers has divided and produced perpetually stalemated government, which is incapable of addressing important problems affecting a majority of the citizens. He views the need for separation of powers as antiquated, and a major obstacle to achieving democratic government in the twenty-first century. He suggests we adopt a Parliamentary system in order to solve our Pandora 's Box like government and get with the new program, so the majority can get their needs met.
He feels this is a major challenge because voters are increasingly electing a divided government. Divided government prevents the political majority from easily controlling government, and reduces the ability of that majority from passing timely legislation for the betterment of their constituents.
He views this system as inefficient because of partisanship, and lack of party loyalty. Partisanship during periods of divided government has caused legislative stale mates.

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