The Doctrine Of The Separation Of Power

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In this essay I will be explaining how the doctrine of the separation of powers has been compromised to a less extent in the nation like Australia. The first section will constitute in exploring the history and the significance of the separation of the power doctrine. In the second section I will discuss about the compromise of the doctrine, especially between the administrator and the legislature with some good cases held in high court. Besides, some clarification will be provided to explain how the philosophical system of separation of power is being compromised. This estimate will be supported by the depth psychology of several examples and articles where the doctrine has been compromised concluding that the total separation of the power is merely a myth but as well in spite of that the doctrine protects the individual rights.

Information will be gathered from legitimate sources as reflected in the references so as to approach this essay in an academic way. I have segmented my work over 3 weeks, commencing my research work and preparing my plan on week5, gathering relevant cases and information from books, articles and also from web during week6 and starting my essay on week7 so that it will be finished on time.

Word Count: 206

‘It is well-known that the Separation of Powers doctrine is sine qua non for maintaining the rule of law however, an absolute separation of power does not exist in the Australian legal system.’
The Doctrine of the Separation of

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