The First Crusade Start And Finish

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When did the first Crusade start and finish:
The first Crusade began in 1095 AC and ended four years later in 1099 AC.

Key People:
Some of the other major Crusade leaders were: Alexius I Comnenus, Godfrey of Bouillon, Raymond IV of Toulouse, Stephen of Blois, Peter the Hermit, Baldwin of Boulogne and Bohemond and his nephew Tancred.
One of the key people from the first Crusade was Alexius I Comnenus. He was born in 1057 AC and died in 1118 AC. Alexius was a Byzantine emperor from 1081-1118 AC (until he passed away, in 1118 AC). In his time he established the Komnenian dynasty and helped to strengthen the empire after it had been defeated many times by the Normans and the Turks, this happened in the 11th century.
Another key figure in the First Crusade was Peter the Hermit, he was an Amiens priest. He was born in 1050 AC and died in 1131 AC.
Godfrey of Bouillon was a leader of the first crusade and a medieval Frankish knight. He served as these from 1096 until 1100 AC.
Raymond IV of Toulouse was a very important person in the sieges of Nicaea, Antioch and Jerusalem. When he was at the end of his life he started a battle to take over the city Tripoli; this was then turned into a county by his family.

Map of the where the first crusade started and finish:
This picture shows the different routes that the people took to get from France and Germany to Jerusalem. (Multiple routes were taken to get to Jerusalem by different groups and countries)
The battles that occurred:
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