The First Day Of The College Semester For Him Again

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It 's the first day of the college semester for him again. As he walks into the English Comp. classroom, he feels a bit anxiac over not knowing what to expect. This already feels like a familiar scenario. The fact that he 's not the biggest people-person on the planet, coupled with a social disorder, doesn 't help the uncertainty, either. The class begins smoothly enough, but the feelings start to settle in once again. A little squirm and foot tap might draw even the slightest bit of attention. Quit moving around like that, you moron. Focus on the instructor, like everyone else. Soon enough, she breaks them all off into groups. The group he 's paired into seems like a nice bunch. The uncertainty is still there; maybe this will go off without a hitch. Get to know them and open up a little. It 'll all be fine by the end of class; just talk to the group. The three students in this particular group are James, Victoria, and Nick. The first student in the group, James, was a real laid-back guy. He started by sharing a few of his hobbies. James enjoys a few rounds of card games with friends, particularly Magic the Gathering and Pokémon (which legend has it that these battles can get pretty cut-throat. HM01s have to be confiscated before the matches even begin.) In an unexpected turn, James mentioned that he has been prospecting minerals since he was four-years-old, hunting for everything from gems to diamonds. Never would have thought just by looking at him. James shared a few of

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