The First Gasoline Powered Vehicle Essay

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The first gasoline powered vehicle was constructed in Germany in 1885. Henry Ford built the first car in the United States in 1896. This is when and how he changed the lives of the American people and their future. Several laws and government restrictions affected the auto industry since the 1960 's. The consumers had numerous concerns to build safer automobiles and safer environments. In 1966, Congress passed a safety act called the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Gale 2004). This act improved visibility, safety, and to install a proper braking system so that not only the driver stayed safe, but the passengers as well. Then in the 1970 's, Congress passed yet another act that demanded all automobiles pass a test that decreased emissions by 90% within six (6) years, which was called the Clean Air Act. This act was mainly the result of the oil crisis in the 1970 's when the major industrial countries of the world (US, Canada, Western Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand), and faced large petroleum shortages. This crisis steered stagnant economic growth in many countries as oil prices surged and then by the 1980 's they stabilized. (Ref 1) The auto industry is one of the largest sources of US global warming emissions. Because of this fact, the Union of Concerned Scientists are helping to make vehicles cleaner for everyone here on the earth by having less emissions than in 1896. It is a fact that global warming endangers our national security, our health,

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