The First Impression Of A Raisin In The Sun

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My first impression of A Raisin In the Sun was that it was bland and uninteresting. The first scene in the story consisted of a woman waking up her son and husband and feeding them breakfast. This scene was uninteresting to me because there was no conflict. Another reason why the scene was not engaging was because it was typical for any family. Therefore, I found the beginning of A Raisin In the Sun to be dull because it was a scene with no conflict and it was a typical family scene.
Similar to many plays, A Raisin In the Sun is told through a third person narrative while still providing facial expressions and actions that are usually not told in a book. Mama is the oldest of the family and has a close relation to God. Ruth appears to be the lady that keeps the family in check. Walter is a very ambitious man. Beneatha is a strong woman who can stand up for herself and will defend her beliefs. Travis is a young boy (around 8 years old) who is still naive and witnesses all these problems. Mrs.Hansberry uses side notes in the script to show emotion which would obviously be shown through the actor on stage. Many of my friends say that they hated Walter as a character. Admittedly, Walter was very rude and blinded by money. However, I felt that I could relate to him in the sense that he had a dream and a goal that he would not stop until he achieved. He was still reckless due to his ambition, which could lead to some bad decisions. For example, when Walter was suppose to

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