The First International House Of Pancakes Restaurant

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The first International House of Pancakes restaurant that opened was in 1958 in California. It quickly turned into a small chain of restaurants after it enticed consumers with its affordable prices. It steadily grew from there and then began to struggle up until the 1980’s where it basically started over. In an effort to rebuild what it once had, Richard H. Herzer, the chief executive and chariman, introduced fun marketing strategies, such as Rooty Tooty Fresh N’ Fruity (still around today) which offered a variety of food for a small price. His hope was to create loyal customers who would be pleased enough with breakfast that they would return for lunch and dinner. He believed that in order to bring victory to the expanding franchise, there would need to be success at all three meal times. He ensured to introduce lunch and dinner specials that would not force him to buy new cooking equipment so that he could utilize what he already had without spending more money. Soon, IHop became not only a breakfast joint, but also a three-meal, family oriented dining restaurant.

Many families grew up going to IHop and it became a main place for them to spend quality time together over an affordable meal. It is like a tradition for families to go there on a busy Sunday morning and enjoy a meal together. “Food defines important moments for me” (Cyrex Sins 45). The moments that families spend together in this restaurant create long lasting memories because it is a tradition or

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