The First Landing On The Moon

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In the texts and image that were provided showed both effective and ineffective qualities. The reason why is because some had some appeal uses and it was easy to understand what the speaker was trying to say, and do. Some were difficult to find what the author was trying to state; which left the text or image to be ineffective. The following statements were why the given texts and image were either ineffective or effective in my opinion.
To begin with, the first text given is information of the first launch and Armstrong taking his first steps on the moon. The text is packed with logos and ethos, it explains details of the launch and the landing on the moon, also it contains quotes from the astronauts. Such as “”. That is why in my opinion
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The text has ethos in it, the reason why is because the author was there. The author was there and saw the whole launch in person experiencing the flapping of the birds to the smoke that was being produced. The text was effective in my perspective because the detail that is being stated throughout the text seems very vivid. For the ones who didn’t experience the launch personally, would be very effective.
Furthermore the image given shows a man on the moon watching TV and the earth covered in smoke writing out WAR, POVERTY, and PREJUDICE. The image in my perspective seems as if the cause of the launch to the moon could have started those 3 problems around the world. Or because of the launch people could be ignoring those issues, because they’re so fascinated by the first man landing on the moon. The main reason why I believe the image is effective is because what the cartoonist is trying to state or prove, might be based on how the world could be putting the cold shoulder out on serious world problems.. The image could have been more effective in my opinion if there was at least a caption, because for others who don’t have much of a creative mind may have a hard time figuring out what the cartoonist is trying to state or prove. Also so others may have a clear idea of what the cartoonist may be trying to state, because the reason why I believe why the image is effective is just just my
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