The First Midterm Assignment During American History

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The First Midterm Assignment
The late-19th century was the most prolonged time period in American history and also what the bloodiest. Many violent events occurred that gave the 19th century its name, such as, profound labor conflicts between boss and workers, the Indian wars that was an extended battle for peace and a benefit in their lifestyles, the Jim Crow law which was established to separate races throughout the city, and also the fight for the American Empires power. These were the major issues that made the 19th century an important time period in American history.
Harsh working conditions have always posed as an issue in American History but in the late 19th boycott and strikes arose when cities and factories developed such as the Carnegie Company, which made businesses have a higher demand for workers. “Factories often maintained poor health and safety conditions. American industry had the highest accident rate in the world. (Tindall, 590)” In factories there were mostly women, children, and immigrants that worked in factories, mills, mines, and canneries. These were dangerous places for children, “Few machines had safety devices, and few factories or mills had ventilation fans or fire escapes. (Tindall, 590)” Also, “Children suffered three times as many accidents as adult workers, and respiratory diseases were common in the unventilated buildings. (Tindall, 590-591)” After the request for higher wages were not fulfilled, disorganized protest arranged called the

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