The First Part : Right Before Rousseau

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The First Part Right before Rousseau dives into the first bit of his arguments, he includes a short introduction that is separate from the preface. In this quick blurb at the beginning, Rousseau not only criticizes other major thinkers, he throws haymakers at them. He recognizes that other philosophers have attempt to conceptualize the state of nature, but denounces all of their work. Rousseau is really standing by his stance that it is his method or no method when it comes to discovering the natural man and the state of nature. It is here where Rousseau solidifies his view that there are two types of inequality, physical (naturally occurring) and moral/ political (spawn from consent and convention of man). Something else expresses in this brief section is that he intends to write from a neutral viewpoint in the rest of the discourse. This choice of viewpoint was probably fueled again, by his motive to have his work widely respected. Now that Rousseau has put the last few touches on his lengthy introduction, he finally moves into the meat of his essay. In the first part, Rousseau begins to work his way through the thought experiment he has setup. He is starting his search for the natural man. His primary assertion in the experiment is that the natural man is just like any other wild animal (except for in a few key ways that will be touched on later). As already mentioned, this is a very important comparison and one that Rousseau works with a lot. He refers to the natural

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