The First Six Lessons And William Shakespeare 's As You Like It Essay

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Theatre stage conventions are used to heighten and convey a story’s narrative in the Greek, Medieval and Elizabethan Eras of theatre. Each era built on the foundations of Greek theatre staging, through all of this are a perspective of modern Theatre was born. In order to understand a play, one must detail the conventions associated with the production. One must ask themselves if the play a presentational or representational piece? In this paper, I will be comparing staging conventions through Antigone, Acting: The First Six Lessons and William Shakespeare 's As You Like It. Antigone is a battle between opposition, while As You Like It is a tongue and cheek melodrama. Acting: The First six Lessons stands out for its depiction of parental nurturing and teaching. It is a play devoted to the theme of teaching rather than it is characters or spectacle. Its conventions follow suite in this ambition. First off, important to note that the functions of theatre conventions set the rules and parameters of the world the actors happen to embody.
In Acting : The First Six Lessons, Actor who is known as Teacher in this scene in introducing the Actress who is portraying the creature.
Creature. Oh, sorry…
(to the Audience)
This is my daughter Emily...She even Said (8).
Within the first moments of dialogue the similarities between Greek theatre are evident between the Creature and Teacher. They are speaking presentationally and we are led to believe that we are in a equal state with the

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