The First Source That I Chose Was Gallipoli 1915 Bloody

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The first source that I chose was Gallipoli 1915 Bloody Ridge (Lone Pine) Diary of Lt. Mehmed Fasih of the 5th Imperial Ottoman Army, 1915. The diary broadened my knowledge of trench warfare in WWII. It presented the horrors of trench warfare such as constant artillery, machine gun, and grenade fire. Lt. Fasih joined his company at 1300 on 16 October 1915. He was not there for more than an hour before “one mans heel is smashed” from the enemy shelling their trenches. After being in the trenches for less than one day Lt. Fasih has almost been hit by enemy grenades twice. One grenade that landed in front of his dug-out injured three privates, he states “if he had not stood in the way, I could have been hit, even mortally wounded…” Through …show more content…

This lead me to believe that he was a very to the books soldier and did not show any interest in spreading rumors no matter the case. Historians could use this diary from Lt. Fasih to compare and contrast the differences between the opposing sides of WWI, the enlisted personnel to officers, and the horrors that trench warfare had to offer in the years of the Great War. Lt. Fasih’s experience of war represents the typical officer in charge of a series of trenchs during WWI, however not so much the enlisted personnel. An enlisted persons diary would be much different given that they are not given the same privileges as officers. The second source I chose was General Jack’s Diary war on the Western Front 1914-1918 the diary written by Brigadier General James Lochhead Jack. Brigadier General Jack starts his diary in July of 1914 while he is training at an exercise camp in the Grampian Mountains. He was told by telegram at about 2 a.m. on August 5th that Britain has declared war on Germany causing the speedy mobilization of his brigade to get British forces in the fight as quickly as possible. Jack’s men are disappointed to find out that their destination was changed from Presieu to Jenlain as Jack states “the men are tired, foot-sore from the cobbled

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