The First Stage Is The Norm Of International Human Rights Essay

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The first stage is the norm emergence. Norms emerge when they are actively promoted by actors with strong notions and an agenda of appropriate behavior – norm entrepreneurs. According to Hoffman, the entrepreneurs attempt to persuade other actors with the accordance of a certain norms or ideas which the entrepreneurs believe. Needless to say, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights drew on notions articulated in the 18th century: in American Declaration of Independence (1776) and the French Declaration of Rights of Man and of the Citizen (1789), and other bill of rights, and the constitutional experience of the United States was a major influence on the development of international human rights. The U.S. and other Western states are the human rights norm entrepreneurs who promote the prevalence of the individual rights around the world. During 1977 to 1981, when Jimmy Carter became the President of the United States, the Carter administration articulated and implemented a human rights strategy that would serve as the cornerstone of Carter’s foreign policy. In the Western Europe, Norway and Netherlands were becoming more activist in promoting human rights in their own foreign policies. After 1993, respecting for the human rights had been a condition for the European Union (EU) membership. The norm of human rights sprawled to democratic states quickly and the behavior of the U.S. and those Western states had the great international as well as the domestic influence.
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