The First Time Africans Stepped Foot On America 's Soil

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Journey to Freedom

The first time Africans stepped foot on America’s soil was in 1619, when they were brought to Jamestown, Virginia to help with the growth and development of tobacco. For the next 245 years, America admitted more than 10 million slaves through the Transatlantic Slave Trade and slavery was born.
The Transatlantic Slave Trade, or the Triangular Trade, connected trade between North America, Africa, and Europe. From America, plantation crops such as tobacco and cotton was sent to Europe. From Europe, manufactured goods like cloth and guns were shipped to Africa. From Africa, African slaves—men, women and children-- were transported to America.
The journey to America was inhuman and dreadful. There were about 600 slaves in the hull of a ship per trip, which traveled over 3,000 miles to America. Slaves were packed on top of each other sardine-style, with no bathroom breaks, and very small proportion of meals. Usually, one bucket of food was shared by about 10 people twice a day. Slaves were chained together, deeming them immobile, so they had no choice but to relieve themselves right where they sat. With different odors and feces, disease and sickness spread rapidly killing most of the slaves. If a slave die, money is lost, so if the weather permitted slaves were allowed on deck for fresh air.
Once the ship arrived to America, crew ship members prepared the slaves to be sold to plantation owners. The slaves were bathed, shaved, and rubbed with oil so wounds…

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