Essay The First World War

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The First World War

c) The Following were equally important reasons why the stalemate on the Western Front was finally broken:

new technology like the tank

the American entry into the war

the blockading of German ports

the German offensive in March 1918

Explain how far you agree with this statement.

All of the reasons suggested above do play a part in why the stalemate on the Western Front was finally broken. Although, each reason stated is not equally important and there are other reasons as to why the stalemate did break and these must be considered also.

The first suggested reason to be considered was the use of new technology, yet, however advance the technology was, …show more content…

Attack by sea was also encouraged, U-boats were made to destroy import boats, unfortunately most of these boats turned out to be highly armed attack ships in disguise read to destroy the U-boats. Ships that did manage to siege successfully were in effect unsuccessful because of the rationing and recycling efforts made by the British and their allies. So overall, the new technology helped but none of the new weaponry was war winning and most definitely not as important as the other factors to the ending of the stalemate.

The United States entry to the war in April 1917 was due to the Zimmerman telegram intercepted by the British intelligence and this telegram was from Germany to Mexico encouraging Mexico to reclaim states taken from them by America.

The United States entry into the war brought millions of fresh, new, eager men and plentiful supplies. These supplies were all helpful and most of the supplies (as America was and still is a highly technologically advanced country) were of the new technology mentioned earlier. This abundance of new weaponry gave Britain and the allies an edge over the Germans and their allies. The allied troops also found a new inspiration to fight because of the United States entry and so an intense morale boost swept through the troops. America also had immense amounts of money (being the richest country in the world), which they lent to the

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