The Five Contexts Of Communication

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The Five Contexts of Communication
There are 5 contexts of communication, each having varying characteristics and purposes. These include intrapersonal communication, interpersonal communication, group communication, public communication, and mass communication. Below, I have given a brief description of each along with an example or illustration. Finally, I have included my own personal preferences in the different contexts.
Intrapersonal communication is really the conversations you have with yourself. These are communications that occur as a response to the current situation. One day, I was in a huge hurry to get to work and I happened to run into my co-worker on the way in. She said she was up so late working on her project, she barely slept. At the mention of her project, I thought “Did I finish the assignment that was due last night? Oh no! I got home so late from work that I forgot!” Her mention of her responsibility made me think of my own and remember what I had forgotten. The way you carry out internal conversation is actually a result of your background, and/or culture. The things that you grew up observing from your family, friends, or neighbors will influence you, just like language (McLean, 2010).
Interpersonal communication is usually a conversation or discussion between two people, either informal or formal. I recently reached my one-year mark where I work. When that happened, I had to have a meeting with my supervisor. We had to go over my progress for the

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