The Five Forms Of Government In Ancient Greece

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The Greece has tried various types of government, they know how to reform the systems and how to corrupt, grow, decline. The rule forms in the ancient Greek took extraordinarily diverse forms. This article will briefly describe the fifth forms of government in ancient Greece. That are monarchy, aristocracy, tyranny, oligarchy, and democracy.
The first forms of the rule in the ancient Greek is a monarchy. it means the ruling power is in the hands of a single person, in other words, one person inherits power. This person must be male and there is not queen.
At the first, the kings were chosen by the people. After death the king, another leader was selected to take his place. Eventually, the Kings become inherited the power and rule of his children, usually the eldest son takes the thorn. The king relied on heavily armed soldiers to enforce his rule and to ensure that the people paid taxes and obeyed his laws. When the king does not have a male, the military advisers of the king battled among them to become the new monarch. (Duignan, n.d.)
This form of government disappeared in Greece since the fighting between kingdoms in Asia Minor. This fighting limited the arrival of raw materials to these kingdoms. As a result, they lose their ability to make weapons and conquer …show more content…

Athena has an assembly, group of rich and poor citizens with power to pass the law. It was open to all but less than of the people attended. They met about 40 times in a year to discus and make the decision. Assembly members reached all their decision through public debate and vote. A smaller important executive body, the Council of 500, was responsible for the day-to-day running of the state. The members of the assembly could lose their rights once they lose their citizenship. The assembly was the weakest public office in Sparta. (Brand,

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