The Five Main Causes Of World War I

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Essay #1 The five factors that proceeded to World War I Do you know how and what caused World War I. World War I was caused by five factors which was Nationalism, Imperialism,Militarism, Revenge, and Alliances. The 5+1=war was not the only cause of World War I. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria also caused World War I by Austria-Hungary declaring war on Serbia where it all started. On July 28, 1914 was when it all started by Austria-Hungary declaring war on Serbia, after this declaring war on countries started. Nationalism means love for your nation or country. Nationalism is pride and loyalty towards your country. Nationalism was one of the main causes of World War I. Nationalism gave citizens excessive confidence in their nation, their governments and their military strength. It created a fierce competition and rivalry between European powers. The European powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary, Great Britain, Russia, France, and Italy. The love that each nation had for their countries made the whole thing worst.…show more content…
Alliance was also one of the main cause of World War I because countries started taking sides basically. The Alliance system lead to the domino effect that caused World War one. The central powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. The allied power was France, Russia, and Great Britain. The reason that they have the alliances is so when they are in need, the other country or countries can help them out. Once Germany declared war then all of the other countries allied with Germany also declared war. Over ten additional nations got involved in World War I because of the alliance system. United states joined in 1917 a year before war ended. United States did not have a lot to do with the war until the sinking of

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