The Five Methods Of Capital Punishment

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The death penalty was fundamentally thought of for the benefit of society. The objective of Capital Punishment or Death penalty is to stop people from committing violent and offensive acts. The death penalty or capital punishment has however flopped in any case , to avoid or discourage crime. At present there are five methods of execution. The most commonly used form of execution is by lethal injection. In this method the convict is first injected with sodium thiopental, which puts the person to sleep, then he/she is injected with Pavulon, which finally kills him. [1] The next most common method of execution used is electrocution in which the person is tied with leather straps to a chair and electric current of two thousand or more volts is passed through the body. The initial shock of the electricity causes the person’s body to surge forward. The shock burns the internal organs of the person, which leaves them dead. During this process urination, vomiting of blood, change in skin color, and even swelling or burning of the skin may occur. This method of execution is currently used by only eleven states. The third method is gas chamber execution in which hydrochloric acid and potassium is used to kill the convict. One of oldest methods of executions is hanging and last method is by shooting. All the five methods are inhumane and cruel. The convict dies within a few seconds. He never gets the time to realize his mistake, repent over it or to correct it. Killing that person
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