The Flaws in America's Health Care System in Sicko by Michael Moore

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In “Sicko,” Michael Moore presents the flaws of America’s health care system that has been in continuous debate for many years. Despite the government’s obligation to help people, there are nearly 46 million Americans without any health care coverage, because they either are not able to support such costs or have been rejected by the health insurance companies. Thus, Moore claims that because America’s current health care system is incompetent and morally corrupt, the federal government should provide universal health care for all citizens, since America’s health care companies do not consider the rights of American citizens and make fraudulent decisions to make profit. Throughout his film, he also uses ethos, logos, and pathos to …show more content…

Also, such upsetting interview plants a sense of fear in the viewers as they realize that they may become the victims of America’s unfair and faulty healthcare system anytime in the future. Therefore, through pathos, Michael Moore succeeds in convincing the viewers that universal health care system is needed.
Moreover, Michael Moore infuses logos in his documentary film in order to further his influence on the audience. In several scenes, he presents statistics that depict the morally corrupt side of America’s health care system. For example, the film states that “drug companies like to buy their members of Congress” and displays the cost of each Congressman, including George W. Bush with the highest among all. “Why did they hand out all this cash? They wanted a bill passed—a bill to help seniors with their prescriptions.” In addition, Moore presents that “the healthcare industries spent over a hundred million dollars to defeat Hillary’s healthcare plan.” These statistics reveal that America’s health insurance companies spend excessive amount of money in order to maintain their business. In other words, the presented facts disclose the greedy nature of those companies that have the tendency to focus on doing anything to keep things their way. As a result, the audience loses credibility in and starts to question their health insurance companies. Moreover, Moore compares America’s health care system to

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