Healthcare In The United States vs. The United Kingdom Essay

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Compare and contrast healthcare in the United States and United Kingdom
In the contemporary world, America is one of the greatest countries. From the polio vaccine to Coca Cola, United States is mother to many inventions. As Americans, we enjoy higher quality living standards than most other parts of the world. This pleasure-oriented lifestyle makes a lot of other nations envious of us. And with the envy comes antipathy. For the time it has existed, the American healthcare system has been a subject of scrutiny and debate.
The United States health care system ranks 37th in the world. Statistically, it’s bizarre how United States is amongst one of the most advanced nations in the world and the fact that it spends more on its healthcare …show more content…

Other government funded programs are funded out of general tax receipts.
However, this system has been a part of a never ending healthcare debate. Many argue that this system underperforms habitually as the deliverables are in no match to the amount of spending. The discussion has largely been based on government-mandate of universal health coverage plan and the costs of the healthcare in the country. This structure has repeatedly been questioned on it access, efficiency and quality. Several feel that the beneficiary is not the average American but insurance companies and health care lobbyists. Like everywhere else, where there is refute; there is reform. In the year 2004, the First Lady of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s attempt to reform the healthcare scene by criticizing its basis and offering remedies was defeated by the Congress. In 2007, filmmaker Michael Moore’s, Sicko; denunciated the American healthcare system and how it affects its people.
Although it censures the healthcare system we have, Sicko also highlights the healthcare practices in UK. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a sovereign state located in the continent of Europe. The English ruled over most parts of the world for several decades and set standard for others to follow. It is said that no one in the world is better than the English for quality and service. And such is true for healthcare.
The healthcare system

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