The Flipping Life : Harry Potter And The Sorcerer 's Stone

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The Flipping Life
Magic, wands, and wizards are those important elements to creating fiction novels and stories. Have you ever wondered what it would happen if magic exists in human lives? As J. K. Rowling has published a series book from 1997 to 2005, which it becomes one of the best selling fiction books in history called Harry Potter. When the book came out for the first time, its story had increased an attractive in reading among people, especially the young adults. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is a first story in a series of the seven books to display about a strong friendship between Harry and several characters happening at Hogwarts because this aspect allows him to ultimately face his battle against the Dark Lord,
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The appearance of Hagrid with a birthday cake has two depth meaning helping Harry to figure out his truth life. Firstly, the cake shows that there are someone out there still caring for Harry; secondly, it represents the time for Harry to know the truth about himself and his parent’s history in the wizard place, where he truly belongs to. Not to mention Hagrid is a stranger, yet, he cares deeply for Harry more than anyone else and feel furious how the Dursley’s family treats Harry like a servant. The author demonstrates a great example that the Dursley’s family is neither to feel sympathy for Harry’s life nor the loss of his parents when he was just a baby, instead of treating equally like Dudley. Thus, the first meeting between Hagrid and Harry help him to discover his life and are not only the process of getting to know more friends but also his enemies.
While studying at school, Harry gets to meet more people, including the good and the bad ones. During the class of using the broomstick, Harry stands up for his classmate to take back Neville Longbottom’s belonging against Draco Malfoy for the first time. To illustrate, Malfoy said, “‘Look!’ said Malfoy, darting forward and snatching something our of the grass. ‘It’s that stupid thing Longbottom’s gran sent him… ‘Give that here, Malfoy,’ said Harry quietly. Everyone stopped talking to watch.’” (Rowling 148) Rowling describes Malfoy as an opposite of Harry, a
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