Prisoner Of Azkaban Essay

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Many characters in Prisoner of Azkaban stand out as father figures to Harry. Each male figure has a different trait that Harry can look up to or admire. These people teach harry valuable lessons throughout the book. Sirius Black teaches Harry about devotion and Remus Lupin teaches Harry about the power of knowledge. Remus Lupin is one of the many father figures harry Potter has in Prisoner of Azkaban. Lupin shows Harry Potter that knowledge is very important. Lupin says that with knowledge, comes power. Lupin was bitten by a wolf when he was younger. Each full moon, Lupin disappears in order to get away from people because he becomes a wolf. He does not want to hurt anybody when he is in this form. Lupin teaches one of Harry core classes …show more content…

It was only fitting to have Black named this. He was the man that ran the show and performed pranks when he was younger and friends with James Potter. Sirius Black had some trouble when he was young but it was not because his emotions got out of control. Sirius Black controlled his emotions very well. Without the superior control of his emotions, Sirius Black would never had made it out of the prison. The dementors would have sucked the happiness from Sirius Black’s life and made him uncontrollable. But with the devotion Black had to his godfather, Black could control his emotions and survive the prison. Harry is given a gift of a new broomstick during The Prisoner of Azkaban, and has no idea who it is from. At the end of the book, it is revealed that Sirius Black had gifted it to him. This shows the true spirit of devotion. It may be a minor part of the book but it helped Harry do a lot of things, like win his quidditch matches. At this time also, Sirius invites Harry to live with him since he is now a free man. Harry is excited to live with his godfather. There was no way HArry could go back to the Dursley’s household. Sirius could help Harry learn more magic and truly become a father figure for

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