The Flora Belle

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Life in America for immigrants was destined to take a new turn after the 1924 national origins quota act legislation whose main target was to exclude immigrants who were considered undesirable. The undesirable immigrants were mainly those who had migrated to United States of America but could not pass the bar of eligibility to become American citizens. It is then that investigations on what was occasioning racial conflicts as well as what had motivated such immigrants to settle in the pacific coast were launched by a group of sociologists, and this is how we come to meet Flora Belle who is one of the interviewees and who strongly denounces her traditional cultural values. She portrays herself as a modern woman throughout her interview as well as her life and this paper will therefore seek to establish the ways in which Flora portrays herself as a modern woman alongside her take on traditional cultural as well as gender values. The first instance in which Flora takes a modern woman depiction upon herself is when her mother took to the shrine with her in order to worship there and also give a plate of food to their god. At this point and instead of her offering herself to the worship as per their traditions she slams down a plateful of rice intended for the idol and in its presence. “So long old top, I don’t believe in you anyway”, she utters in denunciation of their traditional religious faith. This of course she did not anticipate her mother to applause for and we are

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