The Fly By Katherine Mansfield

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In the short story, “The Fly” written by Katherine Mansfield in 1922, we are taken into the life of an old boss who still remains strong and at the head of his company. Through the boss’s actions and expressions we can see he is still pained by the loss of his son. However, through the illustrated story, we can see that even though the boss mourns the loss of his son, he is slowly moving through the grieving process that the fly in the story symbolizes. Through the actions of the boss in the story, we can still see how he misses his son dearly. While Mr. Woodifield is examining the boss’s new remodeled office, he notices an old picture sitting on the boss’s desk. The picture present on the boss’s desk is that of his son who die in war. The story states, “It has been sitting there for over six years.” Even though the room is remodeled, the photograph remains in plain sight of his office, which can support the fact that the boss misses his son. The boss recently just remodeled his office, showing he wanted a change in perspective. The boss in fact enjoys to brag about his new renovations when he says, “New carpet "New furniture," "Electric heating!" This quote shows to the extent of how much the boss has redesigned his room, yet the picture of his son is still visible in his office. The photograph shows how the boss still laments over his son’s death even though six years have passed. Mr. Woodifield mentions his family visiting the grave of his own boy, Reggie; and said that
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