The Focus Of This Case Study Is A 37-Year-Old Haitian American

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The focus of this case study is a 37-year-old Haitian American woman who lives with her husband of 10 years and two children, ages 8 (son) and 2 (daughter) named Mrs. Hudson. Mrs. Hudson has come to therapy through a recommendation of her primary care physician because she has had several episodes of an illness that started several months ago. She had been shopping for clothes for her daughter when she began to experience the following symptoms: heart racing, shortness of breath, sweating palm, and tightness in the chest. She worried that she might be having a heart attack and notified the store clerk who called the paramedics. The symptoms abated once the paramedics arrived and she was told to check with her primary care doctor. Mrs. …show more content…

She reported spending the majority or her life trying to gain his approval. Her father is now deceased (cancer). She reports being close to her mother and her siblings, particularly her sister. Mrs. Hudson’s development was within average limits and she reached all developmental milestones at the appropriate age. She is bilingual (Creole/French derivative is her native language) and she learned English once she immigrated to the United States. While Mrs. Hudson considers English to be her primary language she has never applied for citizenship. Mrs. Hudson completed college and medical school and worked part time as a primary care doctor so that she could be home with her children. Mrs. Hudson was raised Catholic and attended mass regularly as a child. She has since rejected Catholicism and now attends a nondenominational Christian church. Mr. Hudson is a firefighter. She and her husband are physically healthy as is her older son. Her daughter was diagnosed with a severe heart condition at 14 months which required several surgeries to correct. Her daughter is still monitored regularly by her doctor (Case Study,2016).
Culturally relevant assessment
Based on the information given by Ms. Hudson and her culture, it is very common for Haitian individuals to experience symptomatic issues relating to their family members (State University,n.d). Mrs. Hudson experienced these symptoms when she was shopping for her daughter whom she has been greatly worrying about, she had

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