The Fool In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

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The Fool in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night is more intelligent than most of the other characters in the play. When talking to Olivia, and attempting to make her laugh, he turns her words against her. As she demands his removal, he says, “Do you not hear fellows, take the lady away” (Page 29). Though she carries power over him, the fools wit is more powerful than hers. Olivia’s disposition leads the fool to wonder why she is mourning. Once Olivia mentions the death of her brother, the Fool bluntly states that “his soul is in hell.” Olivia responds with her belief that his soul is, instead, in heaven. The Fool, because of his intellect, knew she would reply with her answer; thus proving her mourning to be fruitless.
In Act 2, while joking around

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