The Forest By The Sisters Von Morgen

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Over the years that the issue of the forest stretched on from 1994- 2010 the sisters von Morgen would continually meet up with their lawyers to try and resolve the issue of what to do with the forest. My godmother as the youngest sister was assigned to be the manager of the forest that would support the one remaining ancestral home for the four sisters. The sisters however did not agree to this even though it was written in the will. The sisters believed my godmother had only gotten that position because she was living with their mother when she passed away. The situation of the forest was the catalyst that opened the fight between the sisters that had started many years earlier.
As young girls the sisters had been very unhappy when their younger sister, Felicitas my godmother, was born. Seven years younger than the youngest sister they were not happy with the attention the new baby was getting and even at that young age decided to retaliate. Baby Felicitas was lying in a pram when the sisters pushed it into flock of geese that were noted for being dangerous. As luck would have it her mother would rescue her before anything could happen. The sisters, however, would see the rescue act as once more privilege being bestowed on the baby of the family. As the sisters grew older they would remain always distance, only including Felicitas when it suited their need. Felicitas adored her sisters despite the many pranks they pulled on her. She liked them even when they look down upon

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