The Formula For Force By F = Ma ( Mass Times Acceleration )

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Abstract: A force table that had three weight hangers, numerous masses and pulleys attached to it, which were used to reach static equilibrium. Third angles for each of the systems were: System 1:349.8, 350.3, 350.1; system 2: 8.3, 9.1 8.8; system 3: 9.8, 10.5, 10.2; system 4: 58.3. 57.5, 58.8; system 5: 48.7, 49.1, 48.1.

Introduction: There are lot of different forces come in play when a system is in motion; such as, speed, velocity, magnitude, acceleration, magnitude, etc. A force is known as when a push or pull of a certain object happened due to interaction with another object (The meaning of Force). The formula for force is shown below: F= ma (mass times acceleration) A vector is consisted of magnitude and direction (Vectors). Vectors must be drawn to a scale and two vectors are drawn if a resultant vector is to be obtained. For example, if one starts at the origin of a plane and works up or down on the x-axis, the second vector would start from the arrowhead of the first one. Drawing vectors to its scale is important because it makes it easier to draw larger drawing which are shrink down to an appropriate draw able size. Magnitude R is when vectors are added together. To solve a vector problem, graph or mathematically could be used. To solve it mathematically, the vectors would be separated into x vectors and y vectors. Angle R will be present with respect to y axis or x axis. It proves if the object is being pulled or pushed. To define the resultant

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