Lab Report : Shear Force And Bending Force

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Shear Force and Bending Moment Lab Report
Wan Aqmarur Razin Wan Azlan, z5138712
PSS Group: Friday / 0900 / 201

Table of contents:
1. Shear Force Analysis 2
1.1. Discussion 3
1.2. Experiment 2: Shear force variation away from the point of loading 3
1.3. Discussion 5
2. Bending Moment Analysis 5
2.1. Experiment 1: Bending moment variation with an increasing point load. 5
2.2. Discussion 7
2.3. Experiment 2: Bending moment variation away from the point of loading 7
2.4. Discussion 9
3. Overall discussion and conclusion 9

The experiment was done to investigate the shear force and bending moment in a beam. A shear force in a beam experimental frame and a bending moment of a beam experimental frame was used along with the digital force display unit to conduct the experiment. When the force increases with constant distance from the cut, the shear force and bending moment would increase. In the second experiment, the load is placed at a specific distance to the left of support A. The shear force and bending moment is than obtained and calculated using the formula that had been given in the handout.

Table 1. Calculation of load and dimensions
W_1 (N) W_1 (N) a (mm) b (mm)
3.92 3.92 140 260

Shear Force Analysis
Shear force is the internal force acting in a rigid body that caused the body to move in positive or negative direction. In this analysis, the effect of increasing point load and effect of various distance to the bending moment was

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