The Foster Care System Within The United States

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Today, in America, a child enters foster care every two minutes (“Statistics on Foster Care”). Thousands of children enter and exit the foster care system each year with some being adopted, some returning to their homes, and others being emancipated and set to be on their own (Statistics on Foster Care”). The foster care system was first put in place to take children out of overcrowded and underfunded orphanages. It was later transformed to help children from abusive, deceased or negligent families be put into a safer, non-permanent home (“Statistics on Foster Care”). With the thousands of kids put into foster care each year, many are sent to loving homes, however, some children are sent to neglectful and abusive homes that can be equal to or worse than their original living conditions. The current foster care system in place in the United States provides insufficient and unsafe care as well as causing short and long-term negative effects on the children placed in their care. The fate of where a child is placed is put in the hands of state social workers and judges. The guidelines for who can be a foster or adoptive parent can often become blurred when dealing with opinionated social workers that validate ability to be a parent with their own beliefs. Homosexual foster parents are often denied the right to adopt a child based on their sexuality. According to a survey done in 1999-2000 only 60% of adoption agencies would accept same sex couples applications (Paul). In 2007,
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