The Foul Reign of Self-Reliance

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Collin Kennedy The Foul Reign of Self-Reliance My first exposure to the high-flown pap of Benjamin Anastas’s “The Foul Reign of Self-Reliance” came in a quiet library at the private institution where I had enrolled to learn the secrets of education and because I wanted, at the age of 21, to fulfill my philosophy core and graduate on time. Cute openings aside, Mr. Anastas has a significant amount of gall calling his private school teacher Mr. Sideways when it seems, to me, that he is the one with the skewed vision. As I read through his essay the first time, I found myself growing discontented and distant from the author. As I read through it a second time, I began to grow increasingly frustrated and outraged at how Anastas twisted…show more content…
To Mr. Aransas I say, what is wrong with this process? Do you have the same views and beliefs as you did when you were a seven-year old? Hell, do you hold to the same convictions as you did when you were a college undergrad? I highly doubt it. While it may not be as radical as waking up one morning and finding you’ve shed all your old assumptions about the world, they have changed over time. What of the successful businessman who one day awakens to find that in a moment of clarity, his heart has softened and his greed has shifted to giving? He no longer works towards making money for the sake of wealth, but rather making money to give to those who need it. There are countless stories of these types of individuals. These are people who have found a universal truth within them and found their beliefs totally flipped. Is it not contradictory? It most certainly is, but this does not make it wrong. Where is you’re argument there Mr. Anastasia? There are two paragraphs in Benjamin’s essay that I disagree with above all others. The main one I will get to later in this essay. The first is the fifth paragraph starting, “The excessive love of individual liberty that debases our national politics?”(Anastas p. 2) Individual liberty is the crux of the entire human existence. How can we love this value too much? If any part of the belief in God or the One is true, it is that He has endowed us with the

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