The Foundations Of Family Therapy

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The reading is taking from chapters 1 to 5, the foundations of family therapy, the evolution of family therapy, basic techniques of family therapy, the fundamental concepts of family therapy, Bowen family systems therapy. However, my mine focus is on Bowen’s theory; this paper will address the Bowen family system theory which includes differentiation of self, the emotional triangles, multigenerational emotional processes, emotional cutoff and societal emotional process.
Bowen’s theory identifies the importance of families as emotional system. The system viewed individuality within the family set.
Differentiation self- this is self-independent individuals. They have the ability to be flexible and act wisely, even in the face of anxiety (Bowen, 200). A differentiated person’s attitude may change in due course because life goals revolve love, happiness, comfort, relationship and security and who their partners are. This theory is so interesting because that was how I felt after my separation, I had to get myself together; I had to take care of my daughter and I, as a single mother continue things such as working and going to school.
Emotional triangles- this affects the family’s happiness unless the problem is resolved successfully. When the third party helps to decreases anxiety in the family. Similar to the role-play we had in the class; how the husband who was emotional, reactive to his family and kept his distance from his wife. The wife becomes anxiously attached to one
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