The Founding Brothers Summary

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Founding Brothers The Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation by Joseph J. Ellis is about the time after the revolutionary war and the people who tried to figure out the future of the early United States. Ellis talks about Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, George Washington, and Aaron Burr. He goes into detail about six different events that these men were apart of, their relationships with each other, that effected the new nation. The first chapter is about the fatal Duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr and what he thinks happened, the second chapter is about Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison’s secret dinner about Hamilton’s proposal for the U.S to take the states debt, the third chapter is about Benjamin Franklin petitioning to end slavery, the fourth chapter is about George Washington announcing his retirement from his presidency and his final advice to his country, the fifth chapter is about John Adams as Washington’s successor and attempting a scheme to pass the presidency down to his son, the sixth and final paragraph is about John Adams and Thomas Jefferson putting aside their differences and rekindling their friendship. Joseph J. Ellis is an American history professor and an author of eight books. Ellis was awarded the Pulitzer prize for Founding Brothers and won the National Book Award for another one of his books. He wrote the Founding Brothers after he finished his two books on Thomas Jefferson
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