The Four Native Americans In The Great Plains

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Native Americans that lived in the Great Plains had to have been part of one of four tribes. The four tribes were the Cheyenne, the Lakota, the Osage, or the Pawnee. The region in which they lived was the Mid-West, areas in which we now call Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, etc. The weather area is very harsh, considering the tornadoes and other absurd weather conditions. Since there are many tornadoes in those areas, they had to figure out a way to make extremely sturdy houses. Their main source of food on this flat land was hunting. They would hunt deer, elk, buffalo, bear, and wild turkey. Most of the tribes had their own language, two of which being Siouan, which was for the Osage tribe and Caddoan, which was for the Pawnee tribe. Some of the
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