The Free Market Is Unjust

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This paper is gonna discuss how the free market is unjust, I’m gonna present three Moral Arguments against the free market and show three examples of government policies that help the unfortunate. The first argument is the equality that the free market creates it creates an extremely wealthy population and an impoverished population.The second argument is that the free market makes us live inauthentic lives they make us value more material items versus the beauty of nature. The final argument is gonna be the exploitation of workers in the free market.The free market is hurting the Unfortunate while benefiting the wealthy. The People who know how to run the economy are the Intellectuals and Politicians they have superior values and understanding of who needs help and how to help the unfortunate.They create policies to distribute money so nobody lives in impoverished communities. They create a more just society that doesn’t benefit just one group of people but helps everyone equally. They stop companies from exploiting the unfortunate. The Intellectuals and politicians have superior values and understanding of how the economy runs. The free market creates a huge wealth gap between the poorest of people and the richest. The poorest work more than the rich and yet they make less than one fourth of their income. While the richest keep acquiring more wealth through exploiting the poor. This is solved with policies made by Intellectuals and Politicians that have the unfortunate

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