The Freedom Of Speech

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The protesting started after the police brutalities and was moving with the black lives movement. The protest is trying to show that Kaepernick isn’t going to do something for a flag that oppresses black people or people of color. Standing during the national anthem at school or at the ball park, I never did it. I have almost felt as those words “And the land of the free and the home of the brave” don’t support the society that were living in today. I feel as though not standing for the American flag or the national anthem shouldn’t be the reason someone is jobless, I honestly believe everyone has their first amendment and that’s freedom of speech and this is what Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49er’s protested on. The kneeling during the national anthem would bring up the negativity about the situation. It would bring it up to say the people aren’t patriotic to the united states or the flag. President trump claims that the NFL is having big trouble filling stadiums because of the players protesting during the national anthem. (Timm 2017). President Trump believes that its weak and out of control. People don’t understand why Colin and his colleges started protesting to start showing the racial inequality. Colin Kaepernick Says “I have to stand for my people, they can take my endorsements and football, but I know I’m doing something right”. He knew that this could jeopardize his future in the NFL or with life in general and was proving that he is going to continue to

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