The Freedom of Speech

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Freedom of speech is one thing, but when it is damaging to society something can and should be done. Freedom of speech is solidly enshrined in the first amendment of the constitution of the USA and this is hand in hand spelt out with the freedom of press since the two more often than not go together in the contemporary society (Find Law, 2012). It is paramount that these provisions of expression and means of expression (the press) are guarded with sanctity and jealousy they deserve. This is on the backdrop of the various examples displayed across the world, particularly in the developing and underdeveloped words where abuse of these two provisions have deteriorated into total dictatorship, rule of the iron fist, suppression of opposition voices and curtailment of free speech and expression of ideologies. The constitution allows us enough room to do what we want to do, whenever we want to do and however we want it but must be within reason and under the confines of law. Freedom of speech unregulated can amount to uncontrollable chaos and breed anarchy within the country. There is usually a very thin line between freedom of speech and using the same to propagate hate speech, slander, malice, incitement, derogatory harangue, insults and outright propagation of lies. All of these are unethical and criminal depending on the context since they are forms of speech but can lead to lawlessness and create disorder. The diverse nature of speech in the contemporary society
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