The Freie Universitat In Germany : The Price Of College Case Study

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Success stories of lowered college prices are the Freie Universitat in Berlin, the average price of college there is around 304 Euros, which is $359.46 in the US. This cost covers mostly rooming and train fees. In 2006 colleges were able to impose prices on tuition, but students protested and the prices were reverted back in 2014. After 2014, enrollment increased by 22%, but the taxes went up 37% according to Quartz Media. Although Berlin isn’t sure how long they will be able to keep the low prices, 44% are in favor of bringing back tuition, while 46% want to keep the same prices. So it shows that it can go either way, but Germany is certainly ahead of the ball game for lowering prices. Germany has 4 different types of secondary schooling …show more content…

Next, the lower income students within this country would more likely reach graduation. Lastly, lowering college prices could bring families more income for future generations and create a generation of graduates with a higher salary. This would stop the circle of poverty by hopefully promising higher job earning potential and eventually have fewer first generation students. A more educated country would increase the country’s economy and it would give us social benefits, such as decreased unemployment rates. This can be separated into three different subdivisions, one being more children would have the potential to earn more money which would cause a ripple effect for their children. Lowering college prices would cause state’s revenue to increase if more people gained jobs by going to college for an education or skill, whether it be a trades school, 2 year or 4 year college. Another detail was how students can have freedom to choose what major they want, not having to worry whether their job will be able to pay off their student loans or debt. Students now might choose majors they don’t like only because of what revenue it will bring after they graduate. With lower college costs, students might not have to worry about choosing a high paying job so they can pay off student loans, instead they can choose a job they like, such as an artist which might create only a steady income. There are many reasons people might be frustrated with the prices of

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