The French Revolution A Complete History? Essay

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The author David Andress wrote “The French Revolution A Complete History?” in an article for History Today. He begins by stating that the French Revolution is what you decide to believe. However, the events of the French Revolution are important to understand modern politics. The participants of the French Revolution had different viewpoints that would lead to a chaotic time in world history. The thesis of the paper and main arguments attempt to show that The French Revolution was a course of history in which each group of people try to fight for their ideas, but did nothing more than to establish a temporary ascendancy of one perspective leading to a time of fragmentation in France. The cause of the French Revolution is the result of French leaning towards bankruptcy. The common people resentment toward the nobility is a direct result of fiscal situations. A major event like the restoration of the parlements in France was the direct result of the looming bankruptcy. Andress has a quote in the article called What is the Third Estate that states that “The Third Estate was everything and nothing and, in comparison the privileged were a ‘malignat tumour’ in the body politic” (Andress 23). The common people, known as the Third Estate, were tired of the nobility’s privileges of paying fewer taxes and exhausting funds of the state. Along with the burden of taxes on the Third Estate, the harsh winters starting in 1788 lead to poor harvests causing economic disasters. These actions
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