The French Revolution And The Civil War

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French Revolution is the civil war that took place throughout France between July 14, 1789 and July 28th, 1794. The word “civil war” did not mean only the bourgeois revolution. It included a broader sense than only bourgeois, because it was a whole national revolution for all the people to establish himself as free man, and to hold equal right. The origin of French Revolution are complex (584). There are involve so many connected factors such as political, economic, social, and ideological reasons.
One of the reasons for the French Revolution was new political ideas that was derived from Enlightenment. Philosophy that gave an effect to the Revolution developed over the half of century by Enlightenment philosophers, for instance Montesquieu, and Rousseau. Between 16th and 18th century, many revolutionary movements took place which tried to break an old custom throughout the Europe. Denied the privileges of the old custom, it allowed people to be a more rational, free, and equal. It was a flow of ideas that made people to be awaken from dogmatic authority and old tradition. The Enlightenment was the ideological base of modern civil revolution. Enlightenment had had an impact on the independence of the American and the French Revolution. This idea was brought a light by "Spirit of the Law" by Montesquieu and the Rousseau 's "Social Contract". First, in "Spirit of the Law" by Montesquieu, he argued that not to think of the law as innate and universal principles, but think of
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