The Fundamental Difference Between Childhood And Adulthood

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After Every Storm, the Sun Will Smile I did not even have the power to wipe away the rain drops as they slid down my face. I was too mesmerized by the world below me. All I could do at that moment in time was watch everything I had ever known be demolished. That was the day it hit me, making me understand what life was about. As I stood high above the rest of the world on a bank, in my pink little rain boots, I had realized that it was time to grow up. There is a fundamental difference between childhood and adulthood. Some differences are obvious: height, life experience, intellectual knowledge, but these are only superficial differences. The fundamental difference between children and adults is how we view the world, our community, and life as a whole. In most cases, it takes just that one life changing event to fulfill the transformation from child to adult. This was mine. As I watched my tiny town of Margaretville drown under a flooding river, my fourteen year old self, who was devastated and confused, looked up at my father and asked, “Why?” It was the only thing I could manage to say. “It is Hurricane Irene, Honey” I remember him saying. Who was this Irene and why was she punishing my innocent town, were the questions that ran through my mind. I would soon learn how this was a natural disaster, Hurricane Irene of 2011, and there was nothing my little self could do about it, at least not alone. The river running directly through Margaretville creates a source of life
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