The Future Of Signal : Egypt

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THE FUTURE OF SIGNAL 1 THE FUTURE OF SIGNAL IN EGYPT SCCC 009-14 MAJOR HESHAM AHMED 09 Oct 2014 THE FUTURE OF SIGNAL 2 Egypt was and still occupies a distinguished place in terms of geography between Europe and the Far East in the heart of the modern world, but historically it has been her leadership in pace with the development of civilization and for most of the countries around it, especially in the telecommunications and radio filed although it did not to participate in this cultural renaissance in communication nor the passage of the main telegraph cable in the Red Sea in Egypt, when passing through this service began in the eighteenth century, which began dating communication systems before the foreign intervention in the management of Egypt in the year 1876(1) By 1870, the number of telegraph lines in Egypt to 66, including 16line to line up with Sudan, who was credited with facilitating the transfer of many of the messages between the two countries.In the 1926 the government set the launch of the first type of automatic switch (B. Strowger switch) with a capacity of up to 3000 line in order to serve the city of Cairo was also later installation of the same kind in Alexandria in 1935.Also in 1932 saw the beginning of the first connecting to a new wireless between Egypt and Britain through radio service and because the radio services differ materially from cable services regarding the movement of transit between countries, it has made an appearance

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