The Future Of The Labor Union

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Introduction Let’s imagine the world without labor unions, over the past decade there has been a decline within the union. Only 11 percent of Americans belong to labor unions with another 6 percent belonging to private sectors. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the future of the labor union. There are different factors included in the future of the unions. The structure and actions of unions and their effect on the global marketplace. Over the years it has been very important to shape the union 's future and the affects the union have on companies, management, and employees. “Lastly, we will deliberate the different challenges multi-national companies must prepare for in order to successfully compete in a future global business …show more content…

“However, in recent years, unions have experienced limited growth due to a shift from "old economy" industries, which often involved manufacturing and large companies, to smaller and medium-sized companies outside of manufacturing. In the recent past, potential union members have spread into a larger set of companies. This makes collective bargaining a more complicated task, as union leaders must work with a larger set of managers and often have a harder time organizing employees. ("Unions: Do They Help Or Hurt Workers? | Investopedia," n.d.)” How unionization affects individual employees, management, and companies in general. Many companies rely on three financial resources when they are managing the operation. The three operations are land, labor, and capital. The land is a symbolization of the physical resources used to create its goods and service. Capital is the current money used to obtain human labor and resources. Although some organization may use unionized labor in their business process, unionized labor represents the different group of individuals that currently use a collect bargaining agreement to define employees within the company. “The National Labor Relations Act encourages the establishment of unions. This legislation states that employees have the right to organize, form, join or assist labor organizations and use collective bargaining through representation. This ensures that employees are properly represented

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