The Gang Activity Within Our Community Essay

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This paper discusses the gang activities in Grenville, NC. There are three main topics that include; 1) the history of gang activity. 2) Gang activity in today’s society. 3) Ways to eradicate gang activity within our community. To start what is the true definition of a gang and what is there purpose? A gang is an organized group of either friends or family with identifiable leadership claiming control over a community or territory. Gangs are driven by money, power, and opportunities to victimize enemies and the innocent to grow their criminal organization. Some anthropologists believe that the gang structure is one of the most ancient forms of human organization History behind Gang Activity Gangs originated in New York, during the late 18th century. They consisted of seven infamous groups: “The Forty Thieves, the Bowery Boys, the Dead Rabbits, the Daybreak boys, the Whyos, the Five Points Gang, and lastly the Eastman Gang. Gangs back then when originated was not for the use of criminal activity. Originally their sole purpose was to protect their neighborhood and were mostly common labors. Gangs formed the “basic unit of social life" among the young males in New York in the nineteenth century. More dangerous gangs emerged during the earlier 1900s from the persistent disorder that gripped the city slums, tenements, saloons, and dance halls. However, African Americans history to gang activity differentiates from this timeline. African American gangs began forming in

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