The German Government Sued Over NSA Spying Essay

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The largest Association of hackers in Europe has lodged a criminal proceeding against the government of German for helping a foreign intelligence body, the US NSA and the British GCHQ. The allegations are that the government allowed or colluded with the two spying bodies, and in so doing went against the citizens’ rights of privacy. This criminal case is primarily based on the revelations of Edward Snowden in his leaks.
The ILMR (International League of Human Rights) in conjunction with the CCC (Chaos Computer Lab) filed the suit on Monday against the government at the general Prosecutors Office.
In the suit, the action was brought against the German government and secrets service, the British government and its secret agents, the …show more content…

There are also accusations leveled against the officials of the government that they are not helpful and most of them are either unwilling or just ignored to conduct the investigations into the issue. Even after facing such challenges, both the ILHR and the CCC have continued to push for the release of more information to the public about the unlawful dealings between the German government with the NSA and GCHQ. According to them, accountability of the government should be paramount.
As this commotion is going on, the Office of the Prosecutor is still in the process of determining if the allegations are propounded enough to warrant the opening of a criminal investigations and prosecution. The spokesman to the German Chancellor, Steffen Seibert refused to give a clear comment on the issue when asked about the matter. The only statement he issued to the public is that all people in German are in a position to go to court and sue.
According to Julius Mittenzwei a CCC activist, there are very strong lawful grounds that must ensure that the spying of German citizens is put to a stop completely. The laws provide that all investigations which are to be done should be written in law. According to the activists, the spying has not been proved to help curb terrorism; hence it is a way of gaining power and control.

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