The German National Soccer Team Essay

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Upon first thought, traditions can provide a sense of comfort and can therefore be hard to break. They are something individuals can fall back on in times of distress and often offer a sense of community. When individuals go against these traditions, however, there are frequently consequences due to cultural norms. For a fictional character like Victor Frankenstein, his oppositions come from his own conscience and originates after attempting to play god by creating a murderous monster, something society would deem inexcusable. On the contrary, Luther the Reformer went against numerous traditions of the catholic church, the biggest organized religious group of his time. He was excommunicated from the church who opposed his beliefs, but as a result, he formed a new religion with millions of followers today. Erik Erikson, and similarly, the German national soccer team, were highly criticized by their respected communities after embracing a new path. Throughout all these examples, each case has produced opposition due to cultural norms. Although the consequences of breaking tradition can be either good or bad, one thing is for certain, the act of breaking tradition is always going to be met with opposition, whether it be internal or societal.
Through the act of breaking tradition, the fictional character Frankenstein faced rather extreme consequences from his actions. Victor Frankenstein was driven by his desire to go above and beyond the limits of the scientific discovery of

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