Essay on The Ghost

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Night in the country came like a cloak so that everything outside disappeared. No street lights and a new moon, whose light couldn't penetrate the many trees, may have had something to do with that. From any window, the only thing Nate saw when he looked outside was a thick blanket of black and the occasional flare of a firefly. At nine p.m. he excused himself from his grandparents' company as they watched Secrets of the Dead in their sitting room. He had some dead people's secrets to uncover himself. He went to the library and carried to his room the two boxes of books he and the twins had started on earlier. He intended to look through them late into the night and make up for their lack of progress. But soon his eyes were too droopy to …show more content…

They landed on top of each other in a straight line about six feet in length. Shock and fear glued Nate to the bed as the stacking continued until he had to look up to see the last rows. Some unseen force now directed more books to leave their box and form a new line, connecting to the first row at a thirty-degree angle. The thumping noise softened as the stack rose higher into the air. Another pile of books soon stretched over Nate's head. The new stack was only a fourth the length of the first row but just as high. Eerily, Nate's bedroom door opened with the crack he had come to expect from the old hardware. But never would he have imagined the line of books that floated through the door like they were dangling from invisible strings. The set of encyclopedias he recognized from the library drifted over to the first stack and began a third line, angled at thirty-degree again so that it made an upside down V with the other angled line. The new row also stopped at one-fourth the length of the original row. More books crowned the stack until it reached as high as the first two rows. Nate sat unmoving, hardly breathing and hardly able to believe his eyes. But it seemed the last row of books put an end to the construction. No more books floated through the door or from boxes. The room was quiet as Nate eyed the partition of books piled two feet from him. He scooted across the bed to the opposite side and cautiously tested the floor, afraid

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