The Girl With Scars, Secrets And Sorrow

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The Girl with Scars, Secrets and Sorrow
Being forced to believe in something that you don’t believe in, looked at as nothing but property, and beaten are some events that some humans don’t want to be put through. Written by Ellen Hopkins, Burned, is a make believe novel that follows Pattyn Von Stratten, through her ups and downs as she struggles to find who she really is. Through all the uphill battles she thought that she found it, but always questioned herself if she found the new Pattyn.
Pattyn is the main character in the story. She lives in a hard-boiled Mormon family where she is nothing but a person to take care of all the kids her mother populates the world with. She’s put through pure torture. Having to be a mother before her
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The interaction between the couple of people would have never happened if they didn’t take an interest in the gun that Pattyn was holding in her hand. Everyone, which includes of Brent, Melina, Justin and Derek were all having fun, but in the corner of their eyes they see Tiffany is acting like a total brat. “She shifted from foot to foot. C’mon, Justin.” (Hopkins 88) Tiffany was getting mad because Justin was too close to Pattyn. But honestly everyone else was having a good time and Justin wasn’t going to take as he said something rude to Tiffany. “Fuck you, bitch. This is fun.” (Hopkins 89) After a while, is when Derek started to flirt with her and after that everything became a roller coaster. Through sharing their first kiss to sharing their first out raged fight everything in between being Pattyn’s first time and personally I think it was with the wrong guy. She experienced sexual thoughts and she fell into a fascination that the love she had for Derek would be perfect. It was, till her broke up with her, and went back to Carmen. Pattyn ended up breaking a window and punching Carmen square in the nose. What a drama queen! I told myself while reading.
With the thought of Pattyn going on a wild spree and causing so much trouble, she is told that she would be spending the summer in her father’s sister 's house because they decided to take Patynn’s pregnant mother into consideration and they didn’t want her under stress. Even
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