The Giver A Dystopian Analysis

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Utopian or Dystopian?

Have you ever experienced pain? In the book The Giver, by Lois Lowry, Jonas, the protagonist, lives in a Utopian society. In the society, pain is a foreign concept. The Committee got rid of pain and the citizens do not know what pain is and can’t describe it. In Jonas’ community everyone is Utopian because they have to live by a set of strict rules, they have precision of language and they don't have choices.
Jonas’ Community have many rules. They are perfect because they live by a set of strict rules. There are only three books in the community that normal citizens can read. The book of rules, the dictionary for precise language, and the book of community for all the buildings, maps and descriptions. At the back room of the Giver’s Annex, The Giver has bookshelves of books. “But the most conspicuous difference was the books. In his own dwelling, there were the necessary volumes that each household contained” (74). The only books he knew were in his dwelling, but he is open to a new world, books full of the past that can answer all of his questions. “Jonas never thought about other things like books, he didn't know if they existed or not “ (74). The books in his own dwelling are the only books that Jonas has seen. He …show more content…

Jonas’ Community has books for everything in the Givers office, they have to say the right words when they are very young and they could choose the small things, but they can't choose the big things. The Giver, is important to teach kids and parents why we shouldn’t fight or start war because we all are human and we don't want to start over like they’re doing. What happens next with Jonas? He tries to escape to elsewhere with Gabriel because he was going to be released. When he reaches the boundary, all the memories go back to the community. Lois Lowry left us to think what was going to happen

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